Across the United States, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small non-profit organizations with one mission:  to support our veterans in their own way while trying to decrease the staggering number of veteran suicides that occur daily.  

These organizations often struggle with acquiring and maintaining the necessary funding needed to operate as well as connecting with the veterans that want and need help.

22 NOK is here to bridge the disconnect that can occur between these non-profits and our veterans who desire assistance but are unsure where or who to turn to.  

Our goal is to facilitate the connection between these organizations and our veterans but we don’t stop there; the well-being of our veterans and their success in these programs is our top priority and we stand beside them, helping in any way we can.

Allowing a veteran to struggle alone is NOT an option for 22 NOK.  These men and women once stood up to ensure our freedom and now is the time we must stand up for them.

Your gracious donations to our organization will allow our advisors to continue assisting veterans in locating, enrolling and succeeding in programs that could ultimately save their lives.  

In addition to helping our veterans, a portion of your donations will be allocated to providing grants for smaller non-profits that are struggling financially to accomplish their missions.


The SITREP is this: 22 of our veterans take their lives daily.


Our stance is that 22 a Day is NOT OK.